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Review of hold tight by Harlan coben.

           Book Name-  Hold Tight             Author - Harlan Coben           Category - Mystery ,Thriller   Tia Byer is moth...

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Review of hold tight by Harlan coben.

           Book Name- Hold Tight 

           Author - Harlan Coben

          Category - Mystery ,Thriller

 Tia Byer is mother of two children and working woman . For Tia her family is most important thing. She has very happy family. She has beloved husband and two adorable kids. She is a lawyer. 

Mike Byer is a doctor. He loves his family very much.  He is very proud parents. He not afraid to taking risks for his kids. He help everybody. 

Tia and Mike realize that something is not right with their son Adam. He was change after the suicide of his classmate. He became distant. And stop playing hockey.
He didn't laugh or spend time with family. 
Tia and Mike get worried and spy on him. Suddenly Adam  goes missing. This book is about how Tia and Mike bring their son safely home and solve the mystery of suicide of Adams classmate.

Good thing about this book is it's make you think that we should more careful about our children. And as a parents you pictures yourself in the place of Tia and Mike. Lots of mystery. Language is easy and you can easily understand everything. 

In this book their are multiples characters. Who had their own stories. So you can get confused sometimes and lost interest in story. You

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Monday, August 27, 2018

The monk Who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma

Book Name - The monk Who sold his                                      Ferrari  

Author Name - Robin Sharma 

         Robin Sharma is a writer and motivational speaker .The monk Who sold his Ferrari is his self publish book.

               This book is a conversation which happens between Julian mantle and John. Julian who was a famous lawer. Running behind the success. He  had everything fame and fortune . Suddenly he sold all his belongings and red Ferrari and disappeared. He comeback after three years to meet John. 

              John is also a lawyer .He was Julian's intern. Julian also consider him his friend. John saw Julian life style, his passion for work. When Julian disappear without any hints ,John was hurt. 

               This book is all about Julian's spiritual journey in India.when Julian talk to John it's like we sitting there with them. This book is awaking of our souls. The language is simple .You can understand very easily. 
          This book is make you think about your life. You feel peace. I can read this book again and again .

            I advise all of you read this book in peace. When you not in hurry to just want to finish a book or want to add one more book in your list. You can find this book in amazon. 


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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Hooked by love (Bellevue bullies series 3) by Toni Aleo

Book Name - Hooked by Love (Bellevue Bullies #1) 

Author - Toni Aleo 

Category - Romance 

This is the final book of this series . This book is about  younger Sinclair brother  Jace Sinclair .

      Jace Sinclair is baby of the family. After Jude and Jayden now it's his time for NHL. He is captain of Bellevue Bullies. He just wants to enjoy his last year in the college. He doesn't want relationship. But it's change the movement he see Avery. He knows she the one for him. 

           Avery wants to make her own path. She wants to make her name in music industry. Her family ignore her. She has dark past. She doesn't want relationship but Jace make his way in her life. They fight for their love. In the end she get both  family and unconditional love .

     As always Toni's book take you in romantic journey . Characters are young but they not impulsive. They wants to make their carrier. They fight for their love also.  

If you're like to read romantic book this for you .You can find this book in amazon. 

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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Clipped by love (Bellevue bullies series #2)by Toni Aleo

Book Name -Clliped By Love (Bellevue Bullies series #2)

Author - Toni Aelo

Category - Romance, New Adult

               This is the second book from Bellevue Bullies series. This is the story of second brother Jayden Sinclair. 
               After Jude it's now Jayden's turn to get into NHL. Jayden  is smart, responsible and kind. He has his family issues and wants to fix everything by himself. His teammates respect him and his family love him. 
                 Baylor Moore is going to be first girl into the NHL. She is smart and driven. She work  hard for this. She wants to make her dad proud. She wants to repay him  for his sacrifice. She knows she is best. 
            When Jayden and Baylor meet they attracted to each other. 
Jayden and Baylor both fighting for same thing. They falls for each other . Baylor knows that he is her biggest compiteter. But she  resisted herself. Her dream come first . At last she know that she wants him more than win.
            This is good book to read for romance lover. As always Toni pottered her characters very well. It's not extra ordinary but it's good emotional story. The language is very simple. You can  easily understand it. You can find it on amazon 


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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Review of boarded by love(bellevue bullies series) by Toni Aleo

Book Name -Boarded By Love (Bellevue Bullies  series) 

Author -Toni Aleo 

Category - Romance, New Adult 

         This is  first book  from Bellevue Bullies series. This series is about three bother. Board by love is the story of Jude and claire.
Claire Anderson didn't have good childhood. That's why she has trust issues. She doesn't trust anyone other than her uncle and aunt. She is strong woman now. She is working hard for   her secure future .
            Jude Sinclair is a hockey player of Bellevue Bullies .Hockey is in his veins . His dream is going into the draft. 
          When Jude and Claire meet they can not stay away from each others. They falls for each other. They have their updown but at the end their love win. In the last Claire trust Jude with her heart and life.
In Toni's book heroin is always  strong, confident and kind.  The character always so in love but they make their dreems come true. They have love for their families. 
    You can read this book on  


Monday, July 16, 2018

Review of Becoming whiskey princess (Taking risks #2) by Toni Aleo

Book Name - Becoming Whiskey Princess 
                          (Taking risks #2) 

Author -Toni Aleo 

Category - Romance, New Adult 

First book of this series finished taking bullets by Amberlyn which meant for Declan. They know they love each other  unconditionally. Declan O'Callaghan is ready to leave  his legendary for her. On other hand Amberlyn want to marry with him to save his legendary .Everyone think they are moving fast .
With the name came obligations which
Amberlyn should follow .
. But she doesn't want to change herself. Declan doesn't want to change her. He tell her again and again but her soon to be mother-in-law put dout in her mind . She  start to dout her decision. She now's that he loves her. But at the end there love win. 
I like that Amberlyn doesn't want to lose herself. She is very strong woman. She stand for her ethics .Declan  is every girls dream. Who doesn't want a man like him who can love her unconditionally and wait for her to trust him. Some of the scenes are very beautiful. You can easily lost yourself in this love story.
I like Toni's style of writing.
If you are fan of romantic novel you must read this series. 

You can find this book on -
Pnovel. Com

Friday, July 6, 2018

Whiskey prince (Taking risks #1-2) by Toni Aleo

Book  name -whisky prince (Taking Risks#1)

Author -Toni Aleo 

Category -Romance ,New Adult 

This is a  love story of Amberlyn and Declan.
 Amberlyn lost her father when she was fourteen now she lost her mother also . She never had time for herself to enjoy her life ,have fun or even a little things. Because she has to take care of her mother. To fulfill her mothers last wish she went to live with her aunt in Ireland. She get family and unconditional love . She is healing now. 
This story ends taking bullets by Amberlyn. 

Declan O'Callaghan was born and raised in Ireland . His has his family"s legendary wish in his veins. Declan is shy and not the fan of pressure and spotlight. His father gave ultimatum to find a wife  within six month to take his legendary.  

When Amberlyn meet whisky prince Declan,she want to take risks and fall in love. She only wants him not his money. He was normal guy for her. They fell head over heels. Declan heal her and help her to find the piece  that make Amberlyn whole again. \

This the first part of the series. Story continues in second part. You can feel all the Amberlyn emotions. If you also lost your parents you will connect with her pain

You can find this book on following sides 
pnovels. Com