Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Clipped by love (Bellevue bullies series #2)by Toni Aleo

Book Name -Clliped By Love (Bellevue Bullies series #2)

Author - Toni Aelo

Category - Romance, New Adult

               This is the second book from Bellevue Bullies series. This is the story of second brother Jayden Sinclair. 
               After Jude it's now Jayden's turn to get into NHL. Jayden  is smart, responsible and kind. He has his family issues and wants to fix everything by himself. His teammates respect him and his family love him. 
                 Baylor Moore is going to be first girl into the NHL. She is smart and driven. She work  hard for this. She wants to make her dad proud. She wants to repay him  for his sacrifice. She knows she is best. 
            When Jayden and Baylor meet they attracted to each other. 
Jayden and Baylor both fighting for same thing. They falls for each other . Baylor knows that he is her biggest compiteter. But she  resisted herself. Her dream come first . At last she know that she wants him more than win.
            This is good book to read for romance lover. As always Toni pottered her characters very well. It's not extra ordinary but it's good emotional story. The language is very simple. You can  easily understand it. You can find it on amazon

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  1. Great review, Kiran. I always love it when I find a great book series. It's such a fun way to get hooked on the characters and the story :)

  2. Sounds like a great choice for anyone who's looking for a love story. I'm not typically a sports fan, but this has sports-themed elements I can appreciate.

  3. Thanks for the review, I wouldn't think I'd like a book like this, but you've really peaked my interest haha. Maybe I will have to pick up a copy!

  4. I have read the book and I totally agree with your review. I too can read the book again and again. This is a really inspiring book. I would recommend it to anyone.