Monday, July 16, 2018

Review of Becoming whiskey princess (Taking risks #2) by Toni Aleo

Book Name - Becoming Whiskey Princess 
                          (Taking risks #2) 

Author -Toni Aleo 

Category - Romance, New Adult 

First book of this series finished taking bullets by Amberlyn which meant for Declan. They know they love each other  unconditionally. Declan O'Callaghan is ready to leave  his legendary for her. On other hand Amberlyn want to marry with him to save his legendary .Everyone think they are moving fast .
With the name came obligations which
Amberlyn should follow .
. But she doesn't want to change herself. Declan doesn't want to change her. He tell her again and again but her soon to be mother-in-law put dout in her mind . She  start to dout her decision. She now's that he loves her. But at the end there love win. 
I like that Amberlyn doesn't want to lose herself. She is very strong woman. She stand for her ethics .Declan  is every girls dream. Who doesn't want a man like him who can love her unconditionally and wait for her to trust him. Some of the scenes are very beautiful. You can easily lost yourself in this love story.
I like Toni's style of writing.
If you are fan of romantic novel you must read this series. 

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