Sunday, September 23, 2018

Review of hold tight by Harlan coben.

           Book Name- Hold Tight 

           Author - Harlan Coben

          Category - Mystery ,Thriller

 Tia Byer is mother of two children and working woman . For Tia her family is most important thing. She has very happy family. She has beloved husband and two adorable kids. She is a lawyer. 

Mike Byer is a doctor. He loves his family very much.  He is very proud parents. He not afraid to taking risks for his kids. He help everybody. 

Tia and Mike realize that something is not right with their son Adam. He was change after the suicide of his classmate. He became distant. And stop playing hockey.
He didn't laugh or spend time with family. 
Tia and Mike get worried and spy on him. Suddenly Adam  goes missing. This book is about how Tia and Mike bring their son safely home and solve the mystery of suicide of Adams classmate.

Good thing about this book is it's make you think that we should more careful about our children. And as a parents you pictures yourself in the place of Tia and Mike. Lots of mystery. Language is easy and you can easily understand everything. 

In this book their are multiples characters. Who had their own stories. So you can get confused sometimes and lost interest in story. You

If you are fan of mystery and thriller you should read this book.  If you like my review please comment and share it. For more reviews follow me. 

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